Titanic Slot Game

Titanic Slots is a game for the masses. It works as a penny slot machine with betting up to 400 coins. This allows you to trigger the top jackpot more often than most online slots for low rollers do. The game’s multiple free spin rounds and additional bonus games add to the allure.

Though Titanic Slots doesn’t have a progressive jackpot, it has a large fixed jackpot worth playing. The $10,000 jackpot means penny players receive $40,000 payouts for the big prize, while high rollers get payouts in the low millions. Even better, this payout is more attainable than most progressive slots’ jackpots.

  1. Our Romantic Titanic slot game launched in February 2021, just in time for Valentine's Day and if you play during February there's the chance to win a $50 prize! This game features a wild,bonus scatter,free spins and a classic 'pick me' style bonus feature in which beautiful lockets can make yor heart leap when your prizes are revealed!
  2. Titanic Hydra – 9.1%; Trinity Force – 8.5%; Blade of the Ruined King – 8.5%; Guardian Angel – 8.2%; JUNGLER – SUMMONER SPELLS. Jungler’s one summoner spell slot is always busy because Smite spell is a foundation of the whole role. The second spell in most cases is Flash or Teleport.

Bonus Rounds & Fun Bonus Features

Students of history certainly know about the tragic fate of the Titanic, but you can actually experience what it was like on the ship with a visit to the Titanic Museum, in Pigeon Forge. After entering a museum that's a replica of this historic vessel, you can follow the story of an actual passenger. The minimum level requirement to use glyphs is 25. You will unlock a Prime Glyph slot, a Major Glyph slot and a Minor Glyph slot at level 25, 50 and 75. Removed glyphs have been replaced by the item Charred Glyph in-game. Patch 3.1.0 (2009-04-14): Glyph interface moved from the spellbook window to the talent window. Patch 3.0.2 (2008-10-14.


Bally’s Titanic Slots is a game driven by its bonus features and film clips. Each of the bonus games and special features is described in detail below. So are Titanic’s theme and reel icons. Bally Technologies debuted the game for the Global Gaming Expo in 2013, alongside slots titles like Super Red Phoenix, Fu Dao Le, Super Rise of Ra, Fu Lion, and Aztec Dawn.

Titanic hit casino floors in early 2014 and, in less than two years, Titanic Slots has become one of its best and most popular games. Its popularity came from the four bonus features that players find so entertaining: the U-Spin Bonus Wheel, the Mystery Bonus Raffle, the Make It Count bonus game, and the Heart of the Ocean bonus game.

Bonus Feature: U-Spin Bonus Wheel

The U-Spin Bonus Wheel is the most popular feature on Bally Technologies slot machines. Players love it and the designers continue to add it to games. Bonus features in this slot include bonus games, multipliers, and various numbers of free spins. Bonus offers on the wheel include the previously mentioned – Make It Count Free Games, Heart of the Ocean Free Games, the Safe Bonus, and the Pick Up Feature.

In many ways, this is the bonus feature that unlocks most of the other games, so view the U-Spin Bonus Wheel as a portal to many potential bonus games. Even free spins with multipliers are a possibility. Cancel bitcoin account.

Bonus Feature: Jack’s Drawing Mystery Bonus Raffle

One of the iconic scenes from Titanic is the one where Jack draws a picture of a disrobed Kate. A clip from this scene is shown to introduce the Mystery Bonus game. If you can match three of Jack’s sketches in this online slot, you’ll win a big prize.

Players spending 40 coins in this slot to buy a ticket in the Mystery Bonus raffle. One ticket is third-class accommodations, two tickets book second-class passage, and three tickets book first-class passage, giving you a chance to win the big progressive jackpot.

Bonus Feature: Make It Count Bonus Game

Titanic Slot Game

The Make It Count Bonus has all-new bonus icons, which the player won’t have seen anywhere else in the game. Hope you select the clock symbol because it unlocks the biggest prizes on the Make It Count bonus game.

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Bonus Feature: Heart of the Ocean Bonus Game

Titanic Online Casino Game

The Heart of the Ocean bonus game features a popular game mechanic. This allows players to choose more free spins with a lower multiplier or less free spins with a bigger multiplier. This gives gamblers their preference for bonus games. I recommend a bigger multiplier in fewer spins because you only have to get lucky once to max out your winnings. Some might prefer longer bonus games, though.