Super Bowl Commercial Bingo Cards

SUPER BOWL 2021 COMMERCIAL. This bingo card has 24 images and a free space. Print Bingo Cards. Print pages, with cards per page Show bingo title Include call list. Print or Download. Share this URL with your players. Score a touchdown with Super Bowl Bingo Cards! These free printable cards are one more way to add an element of fun to your Super Bowl party. Adults and kids – and even people who don’t care for football – will enjoy this game! .THESE BINGO CARDS HAVE BEEN UPDATED FOR 2021 AND SUPER BOWL 55, any discrepancy in the product image is solely due to using photographs from previous years!!!. This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of printable Super Bowl Commercial bingo cards for children and adults. The PDF is 8.5' x 11'. Nothing will be shipped to you.Ea. HOW TO PLAY SUPER BOWL BINGO. We love to play bingo with these cards. These Super Bowl Cards are for the Super Bowl Commercials. It is so easy to play. All you do is watch the Super Bowl for the fun commercials and add a bingo piece to the square that has been shown. There may be two squares that you get to cross off for one commercial. Print 2 pages of 2021 Superbowl Commercials Bingo Cards for free. Download a PDF with 2 free pages of bingo cards plus instructions and a randomized call sheet. Play 2021 Superbowl Commercials bingo in a browser or customize the events, free space, etc. Purchase more randomly generated bingo card pages below.

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Every year, our family throws a big SuperBowl party. Watching the big game is always something we look forward to. All of our family and friends come over to enjoy some great food and hang out. If you’re planning a SuperBowl party, I’ve got an easy idea to make it even more fun. These printable Super Bowl Bingo Cards elevate your party to the next level! They’re absolutely free – just download each card design, save and print.

FREE Printable Super Bowl Bingo Cards

I like to print these out ahead of the game and make them part of our gathering. Leave them out on your buffet table, and have some sort marker available for guests to use. Coins or stickers work well as markers.

To print them out, just click on the link below, save and print. I print mine on recycled white paper and just toss them after the game. You’ll want to print out a variety of each of the Super Bowl Bingo Cards, so that not everyone is getting “bingo” at the same time. You can play with a minimum of two people or up to as many as you’d like to print!

Looking for some more Super Bowl Party ideas? I’ve got you covered! It’s all about some great appetizers and make-ahead food that you can serve. People want to enjoy watching the game and not worry about the meal. Plus, if you do make-ahead food items, you can enjoy watching the game as well!

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Super Bowl Commercial Bingo Cards Free Printable

These cards are all about Football Super Bowl Bingo . These bingo cards include words like you can create cards like these using BingoCardCreator

How To Play Football Super Bowl Bingo Bingo Cards

2021 Super Bowl Commercial Bingo Cards

  1. Print and go Football Super Bowl Bingo, Customize or start from scratch with Football Super Bowl Bingo bingo cards by logging in or registering your Bingo Card Creator
  2. Give one card to each player.
  3. call off words randomly from the cut-aprt call list automatically genarated when you print your Football Super Bowl Bingo. You can either just call out the word or give more involved clue where the answer is.
  4. Players mark the word on their card.
  5. Get the prize bag ready! The first player to mark words in an entire row, column or diagonal wins!.

Timing Tips:


How long a bingo game lasts depends on what pace you read the clues at and how many players you have. If you read faster, such as for older or more experienced students, or if you have more players, the game tends to end more quickly. In general, I suggest allocating between twenty and thirty minutes to a bingo game. Since they can potentially end as early as the fourth word called, though that is quite rare, I encourage you to keep playing in the event of the game being over earlier than you expected it to be. Almost 90% of bingo games with a 25 word list and 25 players will see their first bingo within 7 to 11 words being called.

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Card Customization Tip:

You can use Bingo Card Creator to change the card size. This will help if you do not have a lot of time or for younger audiences.

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo Cards

You can use Bingo Card Creator to add pictures or change the free space to make a truly personalized bingo game .

Super Bowl Commercial Bingo Cards 2020

Words List For Football Super Bowl Bingo Bingo Cards

  • National Anthem sung well
  • Car commercial
  • Beer commercial
  • Shirtless fan wearing body paint
  • Touchdown dance by player
  • Truck commercial
  • Serious commercial
  • Everyone in the room finds a commercial funny
  • Parent of player is shown in stands
  • Celebrity is shown in stands
  • Security guard
  • Missed field goal
  • Pass interference called
  • Touchdown scored with <2 minutes until the end of the quarter
  • Coach is yelling
  • Player smacks another players butt
  • Chest bump
  • Insurance commercial
  • Potato chip commercial
  • Travel commercial
  • Cute baby commercial
  • Cute animal commercial
  • Sad commercial
  • Halftime show stunt
  • Fumble
  • Fan wearing crazy wig
  • Interception
  • Baby in the stands
  • Player gives football to fan
  • Player takes selfie with fan
  • Two opposing players give each other a man hug
  • Sportscaster shares story from their glory days