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Video slot machine players have at least one time experience of unexpected high return bonus of the Stinkin’ Rich video slot machine. If you are one of them, I assume you probably are a fan of the Stinkin’ Rich game. This game could be addicted, but if you control yourself, there is possibility to earn few hundred dollars per day. Stinkin’ Rich: Core gameplay. The Stinkin’ Rich slot is a five-reel slot machine filled with playful Hanna-Barbera sound effects and background music reminiscent of the Simpsons. The free-to-play IGT slot game is filled with humor as IGT takes the term “stinking rich” very literally by blending cartoon images of smelly items and rich people. See full list on The Stinkin’ Rich slot is a five-reel slot machine filled with playful Hanna-Barbera sound effects and background music reminiscent of the Simpsons. The free-to-play IGT slot game is filled with humor as IGT takes the term “stinking rich” very literally by blending cartoon images of smelly items and rich people. Stinkin` Rich is a 5 reels and 100 pay lines video slot game. When I started playing the game, the first couple of spins were winning. I did not hit anything huge but I thought at least the game will maintain my balance. I started playing with 20 euros and ten spins later I had 35 euros which was a good amount.

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If you think of classic slot machines that can be found across most Michigan land-based casinos, think of IGT’s Stinkin’ Rich slot. Following the success of the game in brick-and-mortar casinos across the US, the provider released the online version in 2014 through its Play Digital platform. It quickly became one of the most widely-played online slot games.

The game title is justified by the colorful and cartoonish symbols it features, all of which point to one thing — the stink of money is the only stink we’d rather have.

The Stinkin’ Rich slot machine is played on five reels and 100 paylines. It features two different bonus games with a substantial payout potential.

In this review, you will learn more about how Stinkin’ Rich online slot operates, how to play it, and what kind of bonuses you can win.

How Stinkin’ Rich Works

The online version of Stinkin’ Rich is played on the same game layout as the land-based version. There are five reels with 100 configurable paylines. This means that by pressing the +/- sign in the bottom left corner of the screen, you can set the game to a single payline, or 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100 paylines.

You will find the button for choosing the betting limit of the game right next to the one that sets the number of paylines. Just like its predecessor that came in multiple denominations and wagering options, the online Stinkin’ Rich slot game has a wide betting limit, from $1 to $10,000, depending on the active paylines.

The game can be quite fast-paced, especially when you trigger the Automatic Spins option where you instruct the machine to make between 10 and 50 spins for you while you sit back and watch the symbols make winning combos. The slot pays from left to right, and you need three identical symbols on a payline to score a win.

Speaking of symbols, Stinkin’ Rich is home to both the wild and scatter symbols we see in many of slot games from IGT and plenty of other operators. The wild symbol substitutes all other symbols except the scatter symbol, which can multiply your payline wins up to 100x, depending on the number of scatters involved.

The most valuable symbols are represented by characters that appear as though they have come from aristocratic and filthy rich families of old. The biggest win comes with landing five symbols of the fat lady on a single payline. The payout is then worth 10,000x your total bet.

However, the unique aspect of the game lies in the two bonus games activated by a special set of bonus symbols that appear on designated reels.

The RTP of the game is set between 92.52 and 96.23%, and the game is considered to be of high volatility.

How to Win on Stinkin’ Rich

As with most slot games out there, the key to winning lies in scoring five of the highest-paying symbols on a single payline and triggering the bonus features. The different human characters in the game have different payouts, ranging from 500x to 10,000x your total bet.

Getting the five identical symbols on a payline is indeed tricky, but even if you do get them, you’d better hope the win comes when you have activated all of the paylines and placed a considerable bet since this is when you get the best possible outcome.

Moreover, the two bonus games are a huge source of potential payouts, since they bring win multipliers, free spins, and plenty of other perks. Quickspin casino games.

Stinkin’ Rich Free Games

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As we have pointed out, there are two bonus games available in the game: Keys to Riches and Trash of Cash.

  • Keys to Riches: The bonus game is activated when three bonus symbols, adequately represented by keys to a vault, land on reels one, two, and three. You then get five free games for everything triggering payline the symbols land on, which can lead to up to 325 free games.
  • Thrash for Cash: The bonus symbols on reels three, four, and five, you will activate a special bonus game in the form of a Pick’Em Up bonus. Three tiles will be presented to you. The first one will reveal the corresponding multiplier of the cash prize, which can be worth anywhere from 6x to 40x your total bet, while the remaining two reveal the cash prizes.

Final Thoughts

IGT has done a great job capturing the essence of the land-based version of the game and transferring it to the realm of online casino gaming. The decent graphics and playful tones that accompany the game set the right mood for a fast-paced action filled with thrilling moments.

Thanks to 100 paylines in the game, there are plenty of opportunities to score a winning combo, and when you add two bonus games to the mix, you get a dynamic and potentially quite a lucrative affair in Stinkin’ Rich.

The video slot is one of the IGT’s classics, so you won’t have any trouble finding it in Michigan online casinos.

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Stinkin’ Rich slot review

Cartoons have played around with the rich-man stereotype for years. Picture this: A fancy man with a monocle and pipe. A dignified lady wrapped in pearls and fur. These are images that often pop up when people imagine the impossibly rich.

The developers at IGT have realized this as well. They’ve taken this idea and pulled it onto the casino floor with Stinkin’ Rich, a slot machine boasting colorful cartoon graphics, satisfying and huge payouts, and two bonus events.

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Game specs for IGT Stinkin’ Rich slots game
Type of SlotVideo Slot
Min. Bet$1.00
Max. Bet$1,000
Max. RTP92.52% to 96.23%
Max. Jackpot$9,999,999,999.00
FeaturesScatters, Bonus Rounds, Buy-A-Bonus
Free PlayYes

Stinkin’ Rich: Core gameplay

The Stinkin’ Rich slot is a five-reel slot machine filled with playful Hanna-Barbera sound effects and background music reminiscent of the Simpsons.

The free-to-play IGT slot game is filled with humor as IGT takes the term “stinking rich” very literally by blending cartoon images of smelly items and rich people.

Stinking shoes, dead fish, rotten eggs, spoiled cheese and pungent garlic fill the reels next to high society ladies, rich gentlemen, celebrity women and posh young men.

Skunks swimming in gold coins and trash cans filled with cash decorate the menus. The contrast between the two categories provides entertainment and fun graphics for players.

To earn the largest payouts on Stinkin’ Rich slots with regular spins, players will want to match the rich folks within a payline. Wild symbols located throughout the reels will help improve the chances of getting a match.

The game also provides scatter symbols for little boosts to the player’s balance. Roll three to get an easy payout without worrying about paylines.

Cautious gamblers can make minimum bets of $1 for one payline. At the maximum number of paylines, the lowest minimum bet is $100. Big gamblers can go all in with a maximum bet of $1,000 at 100 paylines.

With long-term play, the expected payback ranges from 92.52% to 96.23%.

Stinkin’ Rich bonus rounds

Stinkin’ Rich doesn’t settle for one bonus, it goes for two bonus events that give generous rewards.

2020 Stinkin Rich Slot Videos

Trash for Cash bonus

The first bonus event is called Trash for Cash. When players match three Trash for Cash symbols, they get a chance to pick one of them for a multiplier bonus. The winnings equal 6x to 40x the total bet.

There’s no doubt it’s exciting to win some Trash for Cash, but keen players will want to aim for the main bonus event: Keys to Riches.

Youtube Stinkin Rich Slot Wins

Keys to Riches bonus

Match three Keys to Riches symbols to trigger the bonus round. The game takes the player to the bonus reels filled with golden fish, rich men holding luxury drinks and women with fluffy little dogs.

These reels give free spins with 100 paylines for maximum chances at winning big.

The number of free spins depends on the location of the Key to Riches symbols. If all three were on one line, then the player will receive five free spins.

If the symbols were on two different lines, players would get 10 free spins. Three different lines result in 15 free spins.

The payouts can easily reach the thousands with so many free spins. The bonus reel doesn’t differ much from the regular reel, so players don’t have to worry about learning a whole new mini-game on top of the regular game. It’s simple, but never loses the feeling of anticipation thanks to the prospect of such large payouts.

In addition to the Keys to Riches bonus round, there is another bonus within the bonus round. Yes, the rich only get richer in Stinkin’ Rich with the Retrigger feature.

Match three Keys to Riches symbols again during the bonus round and players will receive additional free spins. With the potential to win thousands more in earnings, this can be a great opportunity to make up for any losses.

Final thoughts

Stinkin Rich Video Game

Simple to play and fun to watch, the Stinkin’ Rich slot machine does not disappoint casino players.

The cartoon themes lend a playful atmosphere to gamblers looking to become as rich as the caricatures on the reels. With plenty of wild and scatter symbols, there are multiple chances to sweeten a player’s earnings during regular play.

The additional bonus rounds are also rewarding without being overly complicated. And the Keys to Riches bonus round offering more bonuses is a generous and fantastic way to encourage players to keep playing.

Despite the smell lines, the sweet aroma of big wins is too much to resist.