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With 1,000,000 33 Chances scratchcards released at a time, the odds on scooping that 20k prize are 1:1,000,000. £100,000 Cash With a name like £100,000 cash you know exactly where you stand, as that is how much is on offer from this very popular online scratchcard.

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The odds of winning the top prize on this scratchcard are 1 in 100,000. A full breakdown of all the prizes available for each tier, together with the odds of winning is included in the paytable below. Welcome to Scratch Off Odds! The most sophisticated scratch off ticket analyzer available. Not all scratch off tickets are created equal! The information printed on the back of each ticket does not always reflect the updated odds for each game. Every morning we collect up-to-date information from the official state lotteries and calculate. Top Prize $100,000 Odds of winning any prize: 1 in 4.73 Find Your Scratchers Game It’s a new day with over 50 ways to play. Click on any game below to see odds, prizes, and what the games look like scratched and unscratched. ScratchGames - The Health Lottery. The Health Lo­ttery scheme manages 12 society lo­tteries that operate in rotat­ion and each represents a different geographical region of Great Britain. These exist to help tackle health inequalities in their respective areas. People’s Health Trust (PHT) is an independent charity that assesses grant.

Did you know more people in the world play scratch offs more than any other lottery games?

Is it because they are easier to win? Or maybe it’s because you instantly know if you won or not?

I’d say it’s because the fact you can buy it anytime, anywhere for literally nothing, a lot of them to go as high as $20-30 but most of them cost anywhere from $1-5.

Before we move on.

Did you know, how scratch cards are manufactured?

It’s a taught choice so let me start from the beginning, follow the steps below to pick your winning scratch card.

1. Check the odds and the winners

There are literally thousands of scratch cards you can choose from so how do you pick the best one?

It’s pretty simple, just compare the odds of winning and the number of guaranteed winners. How do you do that? Free deuces wild video poker.

Just go on your national lottery website or the scratch card’s website and simply go through all the scratch cards and find the one with the biggest oods of winning such as 1:2.5 or 1:3.

You’re most likely gonna end up with more than one card with this kind of odds so to pick your winner buy the card that has the most winner cards left.

This is a screen shot from the UK National Lottery’s website. As you can see it show you the game, the grand price, the price and the number of top prices left.

You can find this sort of information for any scratch offs you want to play, as long as they are legit.

To find out more about a specific scratch card all you have to do is click the on the card you want and it will take you to a page where you can find everything you need to know about it. Such as this one:

As you can see UK’s “£1 Million Green” game has 1:3.70 odds of winning a price. This means statistically speaking that for every 4 tickets you buy, you are guaranteed to have at least 1 winner.

Your job is to find a game that gives you the best odds of winning and to find a game that has the most top prices left to win, this will usually indicate that this game was played by fewer players and there are more prizes left overall.

This takes me to my next point, how do you increase your chances even more?

2. Buy in bulk

Look at it this way, if you have a 1:3 chance of winning $10, if you buy 3 tickets you increase your odds to 3:3 so you’re guaranteed to win the $10. So if you were to buy let’s say 30 tickets(which is how much tickets there is usually in a whole stack) you instantly boost your odds to 30:3 which means in your 30 tickets there must be 10 winners.

Of course, you can have more or less winning tickets and the prizes will be different. The way the scratch cards are manufactured isn’t as simple as printing a winner every second card. You can have 10 winning tickets in a row but you can also have 10 losing tickets in a row.

Not that it happens often, but it does happen and when it does happen that you lose 6-7+ tickets in a row go back to the store and buy more of the same scratch card.

I remember it happened to me only once that I had so many losing tickets. I bought 12 scratch offs for £1 each with odds 1:3 and I lost 11 and won only 1 ticket worth £2. I went straight back to the store and bought 15 tickets this time. What do you think happened?

I had 10 winners and 5 losers, those 10 winners equaled to £84, that’s a £57 profit.

Scratchcards With Best Odds Uk

It’s my little secret strategy I use if you lose a lot of tickets in a row go back to the store and purchase another stack of tickets.

I don’t know maybe it’s just luck but eevery timeit happend to me I ended up making a decent profit this way. That example above was just the first time it happend to me so I remember exactly how it went.

This works the other way around as well. If you had significantly more winning tickets than loses don’t go back to the store to buy more tickets because you’re more likely gonna end up with more losing tickets this time.

How many tickets should you buy?

It’s totally up to you and your budget. When I first started I’d just buy anywhere from 10-20 tickets. Right now as I gained more knowledge and experience I buy anywhere from 20-50 tickets at a time, depending on how many there are in store.

Scratchcard Odds Reddit

3. Stick with the same game and store

If you found the game you want to play stick with it, don’t play any other games. You can alternatively pick two or three games that give you the best odds to play, as long as you stick with them and keep track of the remaining winning tickets.

If the remaining winning tickets on one game go low you can play the other one you pick that has more winning tickets left and so on.

This may sound stupid but also what I like to do is to stick with the same store you buy your lottery tickets from. Why? I’m not exactly sure why or if this increases your odds in any way but it’s what I do and it has worked well for me.

This way I can easily keep track of the scratch cards I want to play, the amount of losing or winning tickets in this store etc. In the beginning, I would just go around my neighborhood and visit all the stores that sold scratch offs and I would buy 20-30 tickets from each and I’d just go back to the store I won the most money from.

I’d make some sort of relationship with the store owner or the person that’s always behind the counter and I’d ask them if there were any winners or losers today for the game I play. This way I can judge if I should buy a stack of tickets or if I should let it go to this day. So far it worked well for me.

This year starting on the 1st of January I already made roughly around £3000 profit from scratch cards alone. This includes a £2000 winning ticket.

Which Scratchcards Have The Best Odds

Scratchcards Odds

If you have any other secret strategies or tips for everybody just leave a comment below and good luck!