Riverboat Bingo Hall


Chef SaladSmall $7.75Lg $9.75
TossedSmall $6.00Lg $8.00
CaesarSmall $7.50Lg $9.50

Riverboat Bingo Bingo Hall in Surprise, Arizona 5 5 out of 5 stars. Search for Trigpoints. Fill in one of the boxes below and click on a button to view the trigpoints, or download them in a file. Find trigpoints near. Tired of the slave-like treatment of his team's owner, charismatic star Negro League pitcher Bingo Long takes to the road with his band of barnstormers through the small towns of the Midwest in the 1930's. Director: John Badham Stars: Billy Dee Williams, James Earl Jones, Richard Pryor, Rico Dawson. Agency Records Retention Schedules documents are available on this website in the.pdf format. In order to view or print them, you must haveAdobe Reader installed on your computer.

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Cheeseburger (add bacon $2.00)$7.25$10.25
Chicken Burger (Reg or Spicy)$8.00$11.00
Chicken Finger (1pc)$2.25$11.00
Chicken Wings$10.00$13.00
Chicken Wrap (Grilled)$8.00$11.00
Chicken Wrap (Crispy)$8.00$11.00
Grilled Cheese$4.00$7.00
Riverboat Bingo HallRiverboat Bingo Hall

Fries and Poutine

FriesSM $4.50
M $5.75
LG $8.00
(Mozz or Ched)
SM $5.50
M $7.25
LG $10.50
Sweet Potato Poutine$8.50
Wedgie Poutine$8.50
Onion Ring Poutine$8.50
Great Canadian Poutine$8.50
Bacon Cheddar Poutine$9.00
Chicken Bacon Ranch$9.00
Fully Loaded French Fries$9.00
Italian Poutine$9.00


Catcus Chips$6.50
Potato Wedges$6.50
Onion Rings$6.50
Breaded Ravz$6.50
Breaded Shrimp$7.50
Cheese Sticks$6.50
Potato Wedges$6.50
Sweet Potato Fries$6.50

Breakfast 8:30 to 11 AM

Breakfast Special: 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 hashbrowns and toast$8.50
Breakfast Sandwich Special Add Meat
(Bacon, ham, bologna, or sausage)

A New Leaf Surprise Az


Riverboat Bingo Hall

Grilled CheeseSM $4.00
DLX $7.00
Egg Salad$4.00
Tuna Sandwich$4.00
Bologna (Reg or Fried)$4.50
Ham $4.50
Deli Meat (Turkey, Roast Beef) $4.50