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Play Bingo for free online at Grab your virtual stamper and play free online Bingo games with other players. Your Gaming History. Your game will start after this ad. Reasons to try out My Instant Bingo. Choose from 5 different bingo games. 75 Ball Bingo, 80 Ball Bingo, 90 Ball Bingo, 30 Ball Bingo and Variant Bingo! Chat, play and compete for the Jackpot with your online friends. Tons of fun side games for other chances to win! Join today and get 400 free daily credits to play the games you love.

Start running your own virtual bingo game in less than two minutes.Our virtual bingo system is the most popular in the world because it's so quick and easy to use.

It's totally free to run a game for up to 30 players, and prices start at $10 for more players.Check out a demo:

Our virtual bingo system is packed with features and includes everything you need to run a virtual bingo game:

  • Randomized bingo cards
  • Bingo caller
  • Automated winner verification
  • Tools to send out virtual bingo links to players
  • Virtual bingo cards that can be played on-sreen or printed

All bingo cards made on can be played virtually.


Our virtual bingo games are totally free for up to 30 players.For more than 30 players our prices start at $10 for 100 bingo cards, which gives access to our virtual bingo system for 31 days.

To get started right away with our bingo card generator choose an option below:

  • 1-75 Number Bingo (American style)
  • 1-90 Number Bingo (UK style)
We also have a number of ready-made bingo games that you can explore and customize.

If you want more info before you get started then read on to find out more about our bingo card generator and our virtual bingo system.

How to use our bingo card generator

If you haven't used it before then please watch this video showing how to use our bingo card generator to make 1-75, 1-90 or any other type of bingo cards.

How to send out virtual bingo cards

We offer several methods to send out virtual bingo cards to your players.Paid-for bingo games include a tool to automatically send out links to a list of email addresses you provide.

How to call your bingo game

Everyone gets free access to our amazing bingo caller. The caller picks out the next call for you to read out, and can also be used to check if a player has won.Watch this video to see how it works.

Our free bingo cards come with three different call sequences so you can play three different games of bingo using our caller.

Paid-for bingo cards for more than 30 players come with 100 call sequences, and include the ability to call the bingo yourself in any order you want.The caller is available for 31 days from the date of purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does every player get a different bingo card?
For paid games we guarantee that each player will get a different bingo card.For free games played using the 'Virtual Link' it is possible that two players will get the same bingo card.However even if each player has a different bingo card it is still possible for two people to get 'bingo' on the same call.

You should plan for what to do in case several people win on the same call,e.g. by having enough prizes for several winners, a prize that can be shared, or by giving the prize to the player who responded with 'bingo' first.

Play Bingo online, free With Friends Game

Can players use the same card again?
Yes. Each virtual bingo card can be reset by the player, and can be reused as many times as you like (for up to 31 days for paid-for bingo cards).Watch this video to see a demo.

Can I send more than one bingo card per player?
Yes, you can send up to 20 bingo card links at a time to each player. If you need to send more you can repeat the process.

How do I verify that someone has won?
Ask the player for their Bingo Card ID and enter it into our card verifier. You will see what that player's card should look like at the current call.Watch a demo here.The system works with any winning pattern - you can immediately see if a card is a winner just by looking at it.

Can I add more bingo cards?
Yes. If your game turns out to be more popular than expected you can add more bingo cards.Watch this video to see how.A discount of 20% is automatically applied.You must add the new cards from within the set you want to add them to - do not simply buy a new set of bingo cards.

Can I get more than 500 bingo cards?
Yes. Start by buying 500 bingo cards, then add more bingo cards to the set. You can add 100, 250 or 500 cards at a time.See the previous question for help adding more cards.

Can I use your site for a fundraiser?
Maybe. It's essential that you read the disclaimer section of our terms before you consider charging players for a bingo game.If you do go ahead, Ticket Tailor are currently offering free ticketing for online events.

Can you play bingo and listen to Zoom on the same device?
Yes - on the devices we have tested. On most mobiles and tablets it's possible to have Zoom, WhatsApp, etc running in the background while the browser is open.So you can listen to the bingo calls and mark your card on the same device. We cannot guarantee this will work on all devices.

Can you play several virtual bingo cards at once?
Yes. This works on computers, tablets and mobiles. Watch this video for a demonstration.

Can players print virtual bingo cards?
Yes. Players can choose which bingo cards to print and what size to print them. Watch this video to see how it works.

Do I get printable bingo cards too?
Yes. With all games you get access to run a virtual bingo game andyou can download a single PDF file with bingo cards to print off for an in‑person game.

With free bingo cards, depending on how you share the cards, players might be able to cheat by opening several bingo cards in different tabs. If it's important that your players can't cheat then choose a paid option.

Win real money online casino Does the virtual bingo game expire?
Paid-for bingo games expire 31 days after the date of purchase, which should give you plenty of time to play your bingo games.If you want to keep playing after 31 days you can extend your virtual bingo cards - watch this video to see how.Free virtual bingo games do not expire - just make sure you bookmark or save the link to the bingo caller so you can come back to it.

Internet bingo has grown and evolved so much so that playing online can be just as social as playing offline. Most quality bingo sites have developed specifically social games that let friendship groups play together, creating advanced chat features that allow you to interact with fellow competitors while playing a bingo game.

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Virtual Bingo Online With Friends

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Online bingo is one of the most inexpensive ways to gamble, with playing cards costing as little as one cent – a price affordable for pretty much everyone. Several rooms will also advertise games free of charge with smaller prize pools for those who are keen to test the waters before using any of their own cash. Make the most of the social features of Internet bingo, play with your friends and make new friends, too.

Team Bingo

Play Bingo online, free With Friends Sign Up

If you have friends who are eager to play bingo or simply want to play alongside other bingo enthusiasts, we recommend giving Team Bingo a shot. Our top bingo sites hold impressive prize pools for Team Bingo Games (often in excess of $5,000), so while playing alongside like-minded bingo fans, you have the chance to win a share of significant prize money – bringing back the camaraderie of the old bingo days.

How Team Bingo Works

Regardless of where you choose to play, team online bingo games typically operate the same way. A combined registration and buy-in fee are set (like online poker tournaments), and this set cost provides you with a certain number of playing cards for your team.

Play Bingo online, free With Friends Pogo

If you already have a dream bingo team in mind, you can register everyone together. Alternatively, if it’s you heading into Team Bingo on your own, the organisers can allocate a team for you. Multiple rounds of house are played, with ‘mini’ winners awarded each round – these winners contributing to the points tally of the overall top three place getters.

The total prize pool amount is split between the top three teams at the conclusion of the event, each awarded a set percentage (for example, 60% of the pool goes to the winning team, 30% to second-place and 10% to third place).

Individual wins translate to one point for the team as a whole, and throughout the tournament, a Chat Host keeps you up to speed with how the tournament is progressing. At the end of the tournament the points are tallied to determine winners. It is very rare to have a tie in Team Bingo, and different sites will have different ways of determining a winner should a draw occur in Team Bingo.

Where You Can Play Team Bingo Online

The popularity of this bingo variant is increasing, and so is the number of places you can play Team Bingo. At the moment, we recommend heading to Bingo Australia or Aussie Dollar Bingo to play Team Bingo Games – these sites are sister sites, so the information provided here about the game applies to both rooms.

At Bingo Australia and Aussie Dollar Bingo, the Team Bingo tournament is only held on Saturday and Sunday nights. Games commence at 7pm and finish at 9pm, but all players must have registered by at least 6pm (if you register after 6pm you will have to pay additional late fees).

The current costs (subject to change) to play is $27.88 ($25.00 buy in + $2.88 registration fee) – this includes the cost of all the playing cards you’ll need for the night. Depending on how many teams are involved, the prize pool can increase to more than $5,000 – split between the top three wining teams. There are also additional, mystery prizes thrown in for the winning team. The Team Bingo chat room opens an hour before the tournament begins to make the most of the social element of Team Bingo; get to know your opponents and team-mates.

Chat Games, Tournaments and No-Limit Online Bingo Rooms

Live chat features while playing rounds of bingo, specific chat games and real money housie tournaments are also available to play with your mates. The following bingo sites are all reputable, run premium bingo games and host live chat games and other social titles: True Blue Bingo, Bingo Australia, Aussie Dollar Bingo, Kitty Bingo and Lucky Pants Bingo.

Traditionally, in its land-based form where bingo is played in an actual hall, it is social and relaxed. But the stereotype is that such games are reserved for elderly ladies hard of hearing. This is now so far from the truth with the advent of AUD currency online housie.

Chat areas are typically located in the corner of an active bingo room, and any player participating in the game may contribute to the chatting stream. You can be as active or as passive on the group chat as you would like, but it’s a great way of adding excitement to the game and it can be fun getting to know other players.

Within certain 90-ball and 75-ball bingo rooms, Chat Games are available, too – side games offered inside the chat area while a bingo game is active. Win free slots spins, free bingo cards and other prizes. These larger bingo games/tournaments will have a Chat Host – that room’s manager who informs players how to play the chat side titles.

Bingo isn’t Bingo without the Social Aspect

Rooms are open throughout the day and night, so playing with friends and family to suit your times is not an issue. These high standard online bingo rooms and their generous welcome bonuses host a range of diverse bingo types including; 75 ball and 90 ball bingo, progressive jackpot bingo, coveralls and more. At Bingo Australia and Aussie Dollar bingo, get $20 free to your account before you even make your first deposit and 1000% matched deposit bonus, too.

Bingo is exciting, easy to learn and play, and great social fun – qualities that make the game appealing to a lot of people, so encourage your friends to give it a try. What’s more is the lack of negative competition in bingo – while we’re competing to win, unlike poker, competition is calm and friendly, largely due to the fact bingo is a luck-based game.