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Remote Work Bingo is a fun game you can play with remote workers to increase engagement.

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Other names for Remote Work Bingo are Working From Home Bingo and Working Remotely Bingo.


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Remote Work Bingo is a type of Online Team Building Bingo.

Here is a free Remote Work Bingo template you can use:

Work From Home Bingo Game

You can share the URL for this page with your colleagues or “right click + save as” to download the template to your computer. You may use this Remote Work Bingo template for internal company team building or video conference calls.

If this Remote Work Bingo template is useful for you then we would LOVE if you post it on your company blog and link to or from your post. #share-the-love

How to play Remote Work Bingo

Can You Play Bingo Online For Real Money

Here are the rules for playing Work From Home Bingo with coworkers:

  • Send the Remote Work Bingo template to your remote workers.
  • Choose a game timeline, which could range from a single day through an entire month.
  • Have each player track performance over time, marking an “x” for each box they complete.
  • Award prizes for the first player to complete a row, two rows and other configurations on the template.

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