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How to organise a virtual bingo night with friends

It has never been easier to organise a free bingo with friends, thanks to the rise of virtual bingo. The flexibility of online bingo is one of its biggest strengths, as you can make your virtual bingo night take whatever shape you want. You don't have to worry about rocking up at a bingo hall and not enjoying the atmosphere, or wishing that they'd play the type of bingo that you and your friends enjoy the most. When it comes to a virtual bingo night, you're the boss!

The rise of virtual bingo

The game of bingo with friends works so effectively in its virtual form, you'd be forgiven for thinking that this is the way it's always been. Of course, virtual bingo was inspired by the game that has filled halls across the world for decades, where players come together in the hope of being the first to win the jackpot.

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To be that person, you need to mark off a certain set of numbers before anyone else. Every player has at least one bingo card in their possession for each round. The bingo caller or, in the case of virtual bingo, the computer, draws out one number at a time. If that number is on your card, then you're moving in the right direction.
The method of victory varies across different types of bingo. You might need to complete a line or two, form a particular pattern, or cover your entire scorecard. All of these classic games that used to populate bingo halls have now made their way online, where they've been merged with some new features that give virtual bingo its own distinctive identity.

Everything you need for a perfect virtual bingo with friends

Whether you're playing with your friends in the same location or if you're all staying connected via messaging apps, there are a few things that you'll want to consider as part of your virtual bingo night.

Streaming equipment

Virtual bingo games come with bright colors and detailed graphics, so it's wise to set up a streaming system that lets the game's design truly shine. While part of online bingo's charm is its functionality on a range of devices, a virtual bingo with friends requires a grander sense of occasion than a small smartphone screen. Something as simple as an HDMI cable or a mirroring device (like a Chromecast) can connect your screen to your TV, which will enhance the immersive quality of your virtual bingo night.

A range of snacks

Bingo and snacks go together like cinema and popcorn - there's just something about it that makes it a winning combination. Classic nibbles like crisps and chocolate are perfect, while blueberries and strawberries can provide sweet but healthy options. Whatever you pick for your bingo night, make sure it's something that will help you and your friends to maintain the energy needed to keep up with the excitement of the game.

A soundtrack

Make a playlist specifically for your online bingo night, so that you can bring the right vibe to the evening's entertainment. Does your virtual bingo with friends end up feeling as rowdy as a night on the town? In which case, a playlist full of upbeat jams and classics is the way to go. If your virtual bingo night is set to take more of a relaxed approach, then a soundtrack of some cool jazz could be the perfect accompaniment.

An account at an online bingo site

Make sure that you and your friends have accounts with an online bingo site before the night begins. While it's quick and easy to gain access to a site such as Wink Bingo, completing the necessary admin is not something that you want to be doing as you're getting ready for a night of bingo-based entertainment. Get your registration done in advance, so that you can get straight into the bingo action when the night begins.

The best games for a virtual bingo night

Here's a quick guide to three of Wink Bingo's most popular game genres. Your virtual bingo night might feature a session dedicated to just one of these genres, or it could take you and your friends on a tour of all three.

90-ball bingo

In 90-ball bingo, players traditionally hold a strip of six tickets. With 15 numbers on each ticket, you've got everything from 1-90 somewhere on your card. That means the excitement is non-stop, as you'll always be marking off a number on your strip. There are plenty of opportunities to win; you could claim your share of the jackpot if you're the first to complete a row, a pair of rows, or a full house on one ticket.

75-ball bingo

75-ball bingo is all about being the first to complete a specified pattern. Each player gets a 5x5 ticket, with a free center square leaving you with 24 numbers to watch out for during the round. The chosen pattern determines which of those numbers will matter the most. Common patterns include letters and arrows, but you might play for wackier designs like aeroplanes or turtles!

VIP bingo

Playing VIP bingo is a great way to spice up your night with some bonus excitement. If you're a bingo VIP, you'll gain access to exclusive games that deliver daily giveaways and even bigger cash prizes. This can ramp up the thrills on your bingo night, while sharing in a VIP experience with friends is always an effective way to bond.
If your virtual bingo night is the first time at Wink Bingo, make sure you utilize the promotions on offer for new customers. If you deposit a certain amount, you may be eligible for bonus funds to use on a bingo game of your choice. If you're a returning customer, then make sure you check out Wink Bingo's ongoing promotions - you might be able to get a nice little boost to your bankroll for your virtual bingo night!
If you sign up for an account with Wink Bingo, you'll have everything you need in terms of gaming action to make sure that your virtual bingo night is a hit. If you take care of the stream, the snacks, and the soundtrack, then Wink Bingo's diverse collection of bingo games will do the rest.

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Host a bingo game for up to 1000 players

Bingo Maker is paving the way for the future of bingo gaming. With our web platform, you can host a virtual bingo game for up to 1000 players using virtual. Players can join your game on the Games List page. When you activate the bingo caller, you can play as many games as you want for three hours. You can modify the winning patterns every time you restart a new game. You can save bingo cards as a PDF file and go print them in a print shop. We also provide solutions for those looking for simple solutions such as the Free Virtual caller and the Free Virtual Card. You can host your virtual game with a video conferencing service such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Facebook Live Stream or YouTube Live Stream.

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Free Virtual Bingo Game

Host a Free Virtual Bingo Game every day with up to 25 players. You can try and learn how it works. Log in to your Bingo Maker account using Facebook or your email/password. In the top menu bar, click “Free Virtual Game”.

Free Bingo Caller

Here is the free bingo caller version of the Bingo Maker web application. This version is not linked to the bingo cards of the game, and you have to manually validate the winners.

Free Virtual Card

If you want to simply play a card on your device right away, then our free virtual card is perfect for you. Click the squares and get a BINGO!

Play bingo with virtual cards

In order to save ink and paper, players can join your game and play a virtual card on any device that can access the internet and that has a web browser. Players can join your virtual game on their devices at, and click “Join a game“. They search your game name, click “Join”, enter your password, and receive their virtual cards. There is no login process for players to get their cards.

Host the game with the online bingo caller

Our virtual bingo caller allows you to draw random numbers as in professional bingo halls. Our bingo caller is linked to the cards, so it tells you in real time the winners of the game with printed cards and virtual cards. Make manual or automatic random draws of numbers with our bingo caller. You can also make the draws using your own physical bingo cage with numbered balls, and click the numbers with the feature “Manual selection of the draws”.

Nertz card game online free. Nertz is a fast paced multi-player solitaire card game for 2-4 players, each playing with their own deck of cards. The objective of Nertz is to score more points than your opponents by playing cards in sequence from ace to king onto shared foundation piles.

Choose from a list of 64 winning patterns

We have a choice of 64 different winning patterns for players to get a bingo. When you restart a new game, the players cards will be reset, and they keep playing with the same cards. Players can have only one card per device or web browser.

Once the game has started, its name will be displayed on the Games List page.

Display the bingo flashboard to players on another screen

With our virtual bingo caller, you can open in another window of our web browser the bingo flashboard of your game. You can then display the flashboard to players on a TV or projector screen and follow the draws in real time.

Make custom cards ready to print

Make bingo cards and play a game has never been easier. With the web app Bingo Maker, anyone can organize a bingo game like a pro. You will be able to make bingo cards with the parameters of your choice, design the cards by importing images and play a game with the virtual bingo caller. Print the desired number of cards or distribute virtual cards to the players and start the game.

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You can insert publicity around the cards in order to promote your business or the coming events. For example, if you make bingo cards for a Christmas party, it could be a good idea to insert winter season related images around the cards.

Several settings can be changed when making the cards to allow maximum freedom for users to make custom cards and host a personalized bingo game.

An intuitive interface

The cards generated by the application are listed by game in the table of the app’s main page. This system allows you to manage your games and create other versions of earlier games.

The top right menu allows you to add credits, view your transaction history, edit your profile and communicate with the support team. To edit a game, use the tool icon to the right of the game name. The last added or modified game will be displayed at the top of the list. The latest design or simulation of a game will be displayed at the top of the game files. You can clean your games list by archiving older ones. The information about a game can be quickly viewed when going on the (i) icon to the right of the game name.

Create an account with Facebook or an email address

To use the application, all users must create a unique account in which the cards will be saved. We have put at your disposal two connection methods to facilitate the subscription process. If you create an account using Facebook, Bingo Maker will only get public information to create your account. If you do not have Facebook or you do not want to connect with it, create an account using an “Email / Password”. A confirmation email will be sent to verify your account (it could be in your spam folder). You can modify your account in the section “Edit my profile”.

List of web services:


Bingo Hall Casino

Our web application is a pay-per-use service, each function costs credits depending on how many cards you have in your bingo game. We also provide free services: Free Virtual Game; Free Bingo caller; Free virtual Card.

  • Create custom bingo cards for up to 1000 players per game using numbers or custom words and phrases;
  • Host the game with our virtual bingo caller and validate the winners. Distribute virtual bingo cards and/or printed bingo cards to players;
  • Create a codes list for players to get their cards. Manage the distribution of virtual cards that better fits your needs;
  • Create the design of the cards by importing images around the printed cards;
  • Simulate a bingo game with your cards and predict the outcome of a winners.

Thank you for using our web services

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The satisfaction of our customers is at the center of our concerns. You can now make your own bingo cards and discover all the possibilities the web application offers. We hope you enjoy your experience using our web application Bingo Maker.