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Theme: Last night

Objectives: by the end of the lesson pupils will be able to

  • activate the knowledge of numerals,
  • practice cardinal numerals,
  • practice positive sentences in the Past Simple Tense ,
  • develop their listening and reading skills,
  • to take part in the grammar game,
  • cultivate respect to the culture of another country.

Equipment: pictures, cards, textbook, workbooks, Microsoft Power Point presentation, net book and multimedia projector.


  1. Introduction
  2. Greeting

T: Good morning, children.

P: Good morning, teacher.

T: I’m very glad to see you.

P: We are glad to see you, too.

T: How are you?

P: We are fine. Thank you. And you?

T: I’m fine, too. Thank you. Sit down.

  1. Theme, objectives

T: We are going to speak about cardinal numbers and the verb “to be” in the Past Simple Tense.

  1. Motivation

Today we have a guest at our lesson. This is Rachael. (Peace Corpus Volunteer) If you work hard today and show good knowledge of English, you’ll be able to ask Rachael about her life in America.

Open your copybooks and write down the date. Underline ending –th. What does it mean? How do we say “первый, второй, третий” in English?

  1. The Main Part
  2. Presenting cardinal numerals
    • Listen and repeat the numbers ex.1, p.99
  • Pair work: ask each other the cardinal numerals
  • Open your workbooks and do ex. 1, p.55 (match the ordinal an d the cardinal numerals)
  • Oral practice. T: 32-й, 8-й, 45-й, 56-й, 78-й, 100-й.

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  1. Presenting Grammar

Slide 1

T: Look at the presentation (slide 1). What can you see there?

Ch: I can see a house.

T: What is written above the door?

Ch: The Past Simple Tense.

T: OK. We also can see a colonel “WAS” (был), two soldiers “WERE” (были) and three children “am”, “is”, “are”. Which child is the first? Which one is the second? And which one is the third?

The children are on the flowerbed. And the colonel with their soldiers wants to catch the children.

How do you think? Who is the colonel running after? (slide 2)

Ch: after “am” and “is”.

T: Yes. And the soldiers? (slide 3)

Megabucks Last Night

Ch: After “are”.

T: You are right. You are very clever pupils. To describe past events we use the Past Simple Tense.

  1. Practicing grammar

Translate from Russian into English:

Ябыл (I was) Мыбыли (We were)

Онбыл (He was) Тыбыл (You were)

Онабыла (She was) Выбыли (You were)

Этобыло (It was) Онибыли (They were)

Make up as many sentences as you can with these word combinations (team game)

  1. Physical exercises (saying and acting the poem)

Put your right hand in

Put your right hand out

Put your right hand in

And shake it all about

You do the Hockey-Pockey

And you turn yourself around

That’s what it all about…

  1. Reading
  • Presenting new words: Earth, Mars, everything, beach, lake, alien, kiss

Look at the picture. What colour is the sun, etc.?

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  • Listening to the text about Rachael’s visiting on Mars.
  • Reading the text (chain drill)


Last night I wasn’t on Earth.

I was on Mars.

Everything was different there.

The sun was green and the sky was red.

The trees were yellow and the park was pink.


The beach was purple and the lake was orange.

It was great.

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An alien was there with me.

He was taller and thinner than me.

His feet were bigger and his ears were longer.

But he was nice.

He gave me a kiss.

  • You have T/F cards. Listen to Rachael Very attentively and show “T” or “F”

Last night I wasn’t on Earth.

I was on Jupiter.

Everything was the same there.

The sun was yellow and the sky was blue.

The trees were yellow and the park was pink.

The beach was purple and the lake was orange.

It was awful.

An alien was there with me.

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He was smaller and fatter than me.

His feet were bigger and his ears were shorter.

But he was nice.

He gave me a kiss.

  1. Practicing grammar

«ЗагадкаПолковника»: Fill in was or were. Write down the sentences into your copybooks.

T: Well done! And now Rachael is going to tell us about her family.

Now you can ask her some questions.

  1. Home task

To learn the rule.

To read the text about visit to Mars. Draw a picture according to the text*.

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WB ex. 2, 3, p. 56.

  1. Summarising
  2. Evaluation

Thank you for your work today.

Your marks are…

  1. Reflection

What new words and phrases have you learnt?

How we say “былилибыли” in English?

When we use the Past Simple Tense?

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