Jenga Bet Spin And Win

Press the spin button and the Jenga Tower pulls out all the loose bricks and re-stacks them on top of the tower just as you would in a normal game of Jenga. However, if any 3 bricks of the same colour are put in the same line you win a prize.

  • A Review of the Jenga Slots Game. The Jenga slots game is a non-progressive from Cryptologic. It includes a wild symbol, a free spin feature, a scatter symbol and a $1,000,000 winning jackpot possibility. The slot game is a skillfully crafted game that takes a considerable amount of patience to play but offers a wow factor in its payoff.
  • Bet & win sizes The betting range for Tiki Jenga, like most of the slot, is small and simple. Your coin size starts nice and low at 0.01 and only rises to 1.00. As you only have one coin for the one line, this doesn’t leave a lot of room for high rewards unless you hit a few respin multipliers.

Spin and win Kenya are becoming even more popularas the days go by. Pesa wheel is one of the most famous platforms for onlinegambling where a player can make quick money. It is a registered company underBCLB license PL 0000010.

A player needs to spin the pesawheel which has a pointer that stops at any of the segments. The segments contain multipliers that determine how much a player wins on a given spinning round. There are 4 multipliers (X2, X3, X5, X10) and each has a specific colors. The X2 multiplier is yellow, X3 is blue, X5 is green and X10 is purple.

There areGrey segments named ‘SPIN’. When the pointer points to these segments, theplayer is expected to spin again. There is a red segment named ‘50K’. If apointer points to this segment, a player wins Kshs 50,000.


Spinning the wheel is easy and fun. However, wins are not guaranteed. Luckily, the company is considerate and assists players in gaming responsibly. The stakes to place in a single spin are not limited. It can be any amount between Ksh 25 and Ksh 10000.

How to register pesawheel

The Pesawheel registrationprocess is straightforward and it only takes a click of a button. However,there is a criteria that potential players need to meet before registering.

Jenga Bet Spin And Win Sweepstakes

A player must be anindividual. According to Pesa wheel regulations, companies and other corporateentities cannot be players. Having an MPESA account is also mandatory. Playersmust also be above 18 years old.

Registration cannot betransferred or assigned to another party apart from the one that registered.Additionally, a player can only have a single account. The information providedwhen registering the account needs to be true because the MPESA account givenis used for money transactions.

The registration steps areas follows:

  1. Clickon ‘Register’ button on the website
  2. Enteryour Phone number, password and confirm your password
  3. Clickon register and account is created successfully

Howto download the pesa wheel app

Currently, PesaWheel has no app so pesa wheel apk download is not available.

How to deposit money onpesa wheel

You can deposit cash on Pesa wheel via MPESA and directly from the website.


  • Go to MPESA in your SIM Toolkit
  • Select the Lipa Na Mpesa
  • Click on pay bill and enter the Pesa wheel pay bill number which is 290033
  • In the account no. Field, key in Pesa wheel.
  • Input the amount you want to deposit.
  • Key in your PIN number await confirmation

Deposit from the websiteOnline casino legal in texas.

  • Visit
  • Click on ‘Deposit’ button
  • Enter your Phone number and amount then click ‘Submit’ button

Jenga Bet Spin And Win

An instant deposit is made and an SMS is sent to the mobile number provided.

How to play pesa wheel

The pesa wheel gameis fun, easy and straightforward. Before playing, a player needs to depositmoney in his account. Then he should choose the odds, place his stake amountand press the ‘Click to spin’ button.

After spinning, it is timeto sit back and observe the pointer until it stops in a given segment. Eachsegment has a multiplier that is matched against the stake. The higher themultiplier, the higher the amount to be won.

How to withdraw money frompesa wheel

Withdrawing money is aseasy as depositing cash. All you have to do is click on ‘Withdraw’ then enterthe amount. The money is deposited to the MPESA account provided.

Pesa wheel contacts

Pesa wheel is always readyto assist players at any time. Customers can contact them using the phonenumber 0729290224.

Leslie Scott created the game 30 years ago (the name comes from the Swahili for 'to build'). Here she explains how to get the upper hand.



Don't rush yourself. 'With Jenga, you lose it rather than win it,' says Scott. Feel for easy bricks and forget those that feel stuck -- they might loosen up later as the weight distribution changes.

Jenga Bet Spin And Win Prizes

▲ ▲ FORGET STRATEGY Concentrate on individual moves, rather than deploying a strategy. 'Each brick is a slightly different size and weight, so every time you assemble a tower of bricks it's a different game.'