Is There A Way To Cheat Slot Machines


How to Cheat at Slots. There are various ways to cheat at slots and there are many cheating devices out there. Some are old ideas like bringing your own fake coins or a hanger, but others are even more complicated. A few of them are listed below: Coins on a String - This is probably one of the oldest cheats in the book. Players take a real coin. Most slots are designed to be able to check and monitor quality.

There is no way to cheat at slots all games are RNG and certified as fair, which means the results cannot be influenced by outside interference. Although before technology secured slot safety there where quite a few illegal ways used by cheaters, if any really worked stands to be confirmed but here are some of the cheats that cheaters used, all completely illegal and if caught a long prison sentence could await.

Coin on a string is one of the oldest tricks and some cheaters claim that they would attach a string to a coin, then drop it into the slot and after the coin registered in the counting mechanism and the credits registered they would pull the coin out and use this method several times. The method was used as in 1988, the book called Slot Machine Mania told how a technician found that it was a coin with a hole drilled into it that made one of the slot machines jam. So, if this cheat theory worked it was only possible in slot machines that were coin operated. Today most slot machines only accept player cards or notes, so the coin on a string cheat is something of the past.

In the US during the early eighties, a hardware manufacturer was selling washers that were the same weight and size of that of the US coins. Slotomania free cards 2020 june. Slot machine enthusiasts quickly found out about the washers and took full advantage of it, so these washers were found in many machines at the time at casinos all over the states. Again, in modern slot machines that won’t accept coins this cheating method is useless and just maybe these washers and the coin on a string cheat are the reason why slot machines now operate differently.

Holding the bag was one of the cheats used by casino floor staff and not by the players when the machines needed to be filled with coins the hopper fills involved a bag with hundreds of coins. In the process of emptying the bag the slot attendants would pinch a few coins into the corner, the hopper would be short of a few coins and the attendant would be a few coins richer, if you repeat this process a couple of times a day it could be a way to accumulate quite a bit of cash. Although all employees who tried this strategy were fired and arrested straight after.

You cannot cheat on slot machines, you could believe or think of slot machine cheaters or cheats as gamblers who were lucky enough to figure out ways to beat the slots or other games. Though, they, are individuals claiming to have found a way to beat slots, and, both categories could be cheaters. In the past there have been numerous ways to cheat on land-based slot machine which included a coin on a string, foreign coins, spooning, holding the bag, using a magnet and the monkey paw cheating tool. Several arrests were made and since the 1960’s slot machines are protected against the influence of magnetism. None of the named cheats works today since new technology is used in the manufacturing and tamper-proofing of slot machines.

You cannot cheat on online slots and most who claim to have a way to cheat spend their time cheating players out of their money, handed over in a desperate hope to find a way to win from slots. The online cheaters, therefore, are not the casinos but eBook authors claiming to have information on how slots work, their so-called inside information is sold for astronomical amounts. Needless to say; their information is inaccurate and useless, some of the tips might have worked years ago but with today’s technology those no longer apply. Once you understand how slots work you’ll know that they are entirely random.
Now you can’t cheat online casinos, although when virtual casinos first started out their worth nightmare were the crooks who found several ways to cheat. Most where bonus hunters who would register more than one account in order to claim welcome bonuses on more than one occasion, then there were the players who cloned their accounts to get additional bonuses, players hunting down no deposit bonuses and claiming it via several alias account, hackers and then players conspiring during play in live casinos.

Online casinos quickly caught onto the actions and now there are playthrough requirements in place before withdrawals can be made acquired from bonus funds, registering a new account shows your IP address and accounts are only activated once email confirmation takes place, plus no payouts are done without proof of ID and address. These are all procedures that most of us get a bit frustrated about, but they all came into place due to those trying to find their way to big winning via cheating.

What happens should you get caught cheating on slots or at a casino?

Is There A Way To Cheat Slot Machines Without

What happens if you get caught cheating or even trying to cheat on slots or at a casino is that it leads to serious consequences. Apart from karmic implications, cheating on any gambling game at casinos is a felony, should you get caught it could lead to some jail time and probably, a lengthy probation, get caught more than ones and you’ll spend a long time in jail.