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Steelwork is the main subject of activity and the field of competence of EGT Steel Production. Established in March, 2020 as a subsidiary company of Euro Games Technology, its mission is to be a key participant in the production of the slot cabinets, making their welded housings and all steel accessories and elements included in the machines (holders – for bill validators and counters. EGT's technical achievements can be seen annually at some of the world's most prestigious gaming industry exhibitions of the gaming industry – including G2E Las Vegas, ICE London, BEGE Expo Sofia, Entertainment Arena Romania, GAMEXPO Hungary, GEB Serbia, ELA Mexico, FADJA Colombia, SAGSE Argentina, and Panama and Peru. Silver oak 100 free spins games. Best EGT Slot Games. EGT Interactive. Go to site EGT Digital. Go to site Europe EGT Romania; Latest News. Las Vegas Games Romania increases the amount of S-lines in their gaming halls. The huge success of the S-line series in Romania continues. Since its debut, lots of EGT Romania partners decided to install all of the model variations that this.

Senior product manager Yordan Georgiev gives the inside scoop on the software provider’s latest title

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What is 20 Golden Coins?
20 Golden Coins is a classic fruit slot with five reels, 20 fixed lines and cool new features. We developed 20 Golden Coins for players who love classic fruit games. We added idle background animations, fancy ambient music and a mystery nudge feature to bring more excitement for the players.

What makes the launch of your new online slot so special for EGT Interactive?
We think it is an outstanding achievement as we were able to produce a brand-new game from scratch entirely in-house. It also gave our team members a chance to showcase their creativity.

Were there any particular challenges that EGT Interactive faced when developing the game? How did you overcome these?
Initially, we had an idea of what we were supposed to deliver as a game and what features it would have. However, during the implementation phase, we had some cases that weren’t 100% covered in the design phase. Therefore, we had to take quick actions and decisions to keep to the deadline without risking the quality of the end product. There was a lot of back and forth between design/ sound/implementation and the product team to achieve the final result. This was something new for us as we had the game ready in the land-base, we just needed to transfer the behaviour to online.

What features will make 20 Golden Coins stand out from the rest of the recent online game market releases?
Two bonus symbols and a mystery nudge will make a huge difference. There are Golden Coin symbols with different monetary values (the higher the bet, the higher the values). The game also has a piggy bank feature, which appears on the fifth reel and gives players the chance to collect all coins on the screen. In addition to this, we have the reel nudge, which gives players an extra chance to collect all coins on the screen. The reel nudge is triggered only on the fifth reel, and once it happens, it moves forward, revealing new symbols. The idea behind this is to visualise the piggy bank and collect all coins on the screen.

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And what about previous EGT Interactive games? Will it differ to them?
It will! For 20 Golden Coins, we introduced background idle animation, fancy ambient music and a modern vision of the classic slot games.