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Come Be Our Guest for a few rounds of Disney Music Bingo and sing along to your favorite Disney songs and win some prizes while you are at it! Don't be A Poor Unfortunate Soul and miss out!.Limited space available.One (1) Free Bingo Card per family. Please only register one time for your family. (.Additional Bingo cards can be purchased for $5 each.). Our Disney themed Musical Bingo game is perfect for anyone who loves Disney Films. Simply purchase, download, print & play! What is Musical Bingo? Musical Bingo is just like regular Bingo, except instead of calling out numbers, you get to listen to some great songs! When a player hears a song which.

Online party, corporate event or club night, turn your playlists into a bingo zoom party. When players hear a song on their digital Musingo Bingo card, tap until “Musingo!” they’ve won.


Whether it’s 90s pop, Prince’s greatest hits, grime or Disney theme tunes, it’s all about playing your sounds, your way, bringing everyone together under a virtual roof and most importantly having fun.

All you need are some great Spotify playlists and you’re ready to play.


Music, as we know, is an instant rapport establisher, but oftentimes music therapy still needs some buy-in (again, especially teens). I did Disney bingo ( pdf ) and Today’s Hits bingo ( pdf ), which went over very well with teens and adults alike, but when I started working more regularly, I wanted (and needed) to branch out to other topics. Customizable version of randomly generated MUSIC Bingo Cards. Are you having a MUSIC party? Everyone knows how to play and will enjoy MUSIC Bingo. BuzzBuzzBingo is home to the popular Buzzword Bingo Party Game! Turn your next TV watching gathering into the ultimate couch party or spice up your classroom with a fun game for all! Print and download free MUSIC Bingo Cards or Make Custom MUSIC. One Hit Wonders Bingo. This is a huge hit with people starting in their 20s all the way up to their 60s.

Whether it’s a special lockdown birthday party with friends, corporate work socials or a virtual hen do, bring your Zoom party to life with Musingo Bingo.

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Invite guests with a URL code which becomes an automated Musingo Bingo card on any device that opens it.

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If they don’t know the song, there is a handy ‘?’ button that reveals the title and if they love it, a fire button, so the host knows to hit rewind.

The first person to hear all 12 songs on their card is the winner and their card will flash up with “Musingo!”


We have collaborated with brands including Mediacom, H&M and CBRE. Our press coverage includes BBC Radio Surrey & Sussex, Ailuna.com, Come Wine with Me and The Imposter’s Club Podcast.

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2 rounds, 15 players

you host

Disney music bingo


6 rounds, 45 players

you host



20 rounds, unlimited players

you host



20 rounds, unlimited players

Musingo hosted

Five pound deposit bingo sites. Each Musingo Bingo round takes approximately 20-30 minutes, depending on how long you play the song and how many players start dancing

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Founded in 2020 by Emmanuel & Yvadney Davis, a London-based techie and a creative who combined believe in the power of love, music and bingo to put a smile on people’s faces.

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