Dino Might Slot

Dino Might Slot is a coin-based game. This means when you play this game, your credits are converted to coins. The number of coins available depends on the coin size you decide to choose in the game. Dino Might has a wild, multiplier symbol, a scatter symbol, a Reel bonus game and a Match bonus game. Dino Might is Microgaming powered video slot with 5 reels and 25 pay-lines. This slot is inspired with the creatures who walked the Earth millions of years ago – dinosaurs. The graphics is not new age, but it’s not that bad either. They have somewhat cartoony look, and they take up the whole screen. Dino Might Slot. Speaking personally, we love anything and everything relating to dinosaurs. After all, they were, at one point, the most ferocious creatures on the planet. And as kids, we always had our favourite dinosaurs too. The Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Diplodocus, the Triceratops, the Stegosaurus. They were all a part of our collection of reptilian favourites.

Slot Basics

  1. Dino Might 2 is one of the most popular slot games ever created! Experience this awesome game by playing the free version or for real money now!
  2. Dino Might Slot is a coin-based game. This means when you play this game, your credits are converted to coins. The number of coins available depends on the coin size you decide to choose in the game. Dino Might has a wild, multiplier symbol, a scatter symbol, a Reel bonus game and a Match bonus game.

Get ready to experience a pre-historic adventure that takes you back in time to the age of the dinosaurs. See the might of the dinosaurs through the reels and the lines of this slot machine by Microgaming, Dino Might. The online slot has 25 lines with five reels, and it comes hosting multiple bonuses and unique symbols that can make your stay at the game worthwhile. You can enjoy the slot machine on a mobile, a tablet or your computer. Dino Might has cartoon styled visuals that at colorful land immersive to result in a one-of-a-kind engaging experience.

Theme, Gameplay, and Graphics

Dinosaurs are extinct, but it seems that in this slot machine by Microgaming, they are far from it. Dino Might brings you back to the era of the mighty creatures that roamed the earth. It brings back those creatures to life so you can re-live a prehistoric adventure. The slot machine has colorful visuals that will help immerse you in the theme, despite having cartoon-style visuals. You do not have to worry, as you can enjoy the dinosaur adventure from the safety of your own home, so this will not end up like the Jurassic Park movies. You will see a lot of vegetations surrounding the reels, as well as many different dinosaurs that will appear in the form of symbols on the Reels of the slot machine. Microgaming presents that experience in five reels that host a total of twenty-five stake lines. The control panel is under the spinning reels, and it is where you can control the gameplay. The buttons include:

  • The Spin to start enjoying the Reels of the slot
  • View Payout to enter the payouts table of the slot
  • Select Coins, Select Liens and Coin Value options to toggle through the betting options
  • Bet Max to put the highest stake possible and spin the reels once

Bonus Features and Symbols

The Wild:

Dino Might has a wild symbol, which comes in the form of the logo of the slot “Dino-Might”. It will substitute for all other symbols (except the scatter and the bonus icons). It will replace the symbol that would result in the most significant award possible.

The Scatter:

The scatter icon is the Triggersaurus. If you manage to get from 3 to 5 of these symbols, you will trigger the Reel Bonus where you can win up to 4500 coins.

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The Bonus:

The Amber Fossil is the bonus symbol, and you will need to get at least three to activate the Match Bonus.

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Payouts and Maximum Reward

Dino Might comes with an RTP of 96.42%, which is a relatively high RTP.

  • The maximum award is equal to 80000 coins.

The Bottom Line

Dino Might by Microgaming is a five reel slot machine that has 25 lines and plenty of winning chances and features. The online slot invites you to enjoy a pre-historic experience as you travel back to the age of the dinosaurs. You will find a match bonus, and a scatter symbol and a wild.

  • Theme and Gameplay
  • Visuals and Sound Effects
  • Bonuses and Features
  • Entertainment Factor
  • Payouts

Dino Might Song


Dino Might is a five reel slot machine that has 25 stake lines that you can place your stakes on. The online slot is playable across multiple platforms and devices. So you can enjoy it on your phone, tablet, and computer whether they run on Windows, Android or iOS. The slot machine is also available right here for fun with demo credits. So you can take it out for a test drive to see all that it has to offer before you place real stakes at a Microgaming internet casino.

Dino Might

Dino might song lyrics

Dino Might is a slot online gratis created by Microgaming and themed after the prehistoric era. Dinosaurs rule in this game with triceratops, raptors and the mighty tyrannosaurus rex on the reels. You also have a reel bonus and a match bonus feature to help improve your winnings and overall payouts. Check out the review below for more information on this slot.

A Dinosaur-themed Slot Online Gratis Game

What you get with this slot online gratis is 25 fixed paylines and 5 reels. Players may be slightly disappointed with the graphic design which is a bit old school, however, players may be impressed by the quality of the cartoonish animation which makes up for the basic graphic design.

On the five reels, you can see various plant life and dinosaurs. These dinosaurs include a raptor, a diplodocus, a triceratops and a tyrannosaurus rex. You have an Amber Fossil and a Dinosaur that activate the game’s bonus features while the Dino Might is the Wild symbol.

The Amber Fossil Match Bonus Feature

You can activate the Match Bonus feature of this slot online gratis casino gambling game when you match up at least three amber fossil scatters on visible spots on the reels. Please arrange taken to a grid structure in which they have to select squares on the grid in order to match up a total of four identical fossils. There is a win multiplier available to help boost your cash payout.

A Slot Online Gratis Dinosaur Triggered Reel Bonus Feature

There is another bonus feature in this slot online gratis game that is a ‘picking’ mini-game. You will be required to pick a single dinosaur bonus symbols in order to be awarded a coin reward. To activate this feature, you will need to first of all match up at least three dinosaur bonus icons in view on the reels.


However, this feature can only be activated in an active payline and to boost your opportunities to win, you should play using more than a single payline. The more paylines that you play, the better your chances of landing wins in Dino Might.

To Sum Up

The graphic design is a bit obsolete, but the cartoon animation helps in a way. The reel and match bonus features can help players to earn a pretty decent cash payout in this low to medium variance slot. You can really get addicted to this online video slot in no time when you start playing.