Bubble Magic Slot Machine

Bubble Magic Slot Machine

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Ocean Magic is a popular machine made by slot manufacturer IGT. It’s also one of the most widely hustled machines by advantage slot players around largely because it is simple to spot opportunities. We’ll examine how it plays and what advantage players look for to make money on it.

Starting off when looking down at the betting choices on Ocean Magic you’ll see two sets of options. They are regular play up top & the more expensive “bubble boost” on the bottom. With regular play, wild bubbles will periodically rise up from the bottom of the screen & will proceed to move up one spot with each subsequent spin until they reach the top & disappear.


When bubble boost is on, bubbles will still periodically rise from the bottom. However every once in a while a horn will sound that will add one to several bubbles on the screen. Bubbles from the horn will too stay & rise on the screen with each spin until they reach the top.

Bubble Magic Slot Machine Slots

What is the significance of the bubbles & what are advantage players looking for?Slingo rainbow riches demo play.

Bubble Magic Slot Machine Free Play

In addition to being wild, if a bubble lands on an ocean magic symbol, the wild will expand to every adjacent spot on the screen which could potentially lead to big wins. What an advantage player wants is to find a machine with leftover bubbles on the screen that have not yet reached the top row. The exception is any bubbles leftover on column 5. Because Ocean Magic pays left to right bubbles on column 5 are useless for the most part. Also be sure to go through each & every betting option as the play screen is different for each one. Repeat this process if the machine is multi-denominational

Bubble Magic Slot Machine

At the end of the day Ocean Magic is a solid machine that many hustlers have made good money on. I think we’ll all agree that having multiple bubbles land on Ocean Magic symbols & hearing the mermaid say “magic” followed by a huge win is a great thrill.