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This free printable includes 10 Bingo Cards and if you have more kids you can double up for teams. The printable also comes with a full page of calling cards. You can cut these up and place in a jar for selecting or just choose the images at random. Supplies Needed for Winter Bingo. These Spring picnic games are simple and fun for kids and adults alike. Mostly you just need plastic eggs, jelly beans, and you can do most of these like the jelly bean pickup game, Easter Egg memory game, and free printable Easter Bingo game. Springtime Bingo Printable Game. Great for preschools or just for fun!

Teach your kids essential money skills and coin identification with this fun printable money bingo game!

Kids LOVE money. The joy that comes from finding a penny on the ground or a nickel in between the couch cushions is immeasurable.

But in order to make sure our kids don’t end up like the mistaken child in Shel Silverstein’s poem “Smart” (Have you read that poem?…I love it!), it’s important to teach them about the values of the various coins.

To be fair, it’s confusing. I mean, why IS a dime worth more than a penny and a nickel, when a dime is the smallest coin? Somebody goofed.

Learning coin value may not be intuitive, but it is important…and it can be FUN!

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This money bingo game is a perfect way to play together and learn this important life skill.

It comes with five unique bingo cards, so everyone in the family can play! It would also be perfect for using in a small group rotation in a preschool or elementary school classroom (hi, teachers!)

The set also includes printable calling cards of each of the coins. Just cut them apart and make a stack to be a “draw pile”. (Note: make sure you print on cardstock so you can’t see the images through the back of the paper.)

Wanna play?!

Money Bingo

What we’re learning:

  • money identification and value
  • sorting
  • matching

Materials needed:

  • printable bingo cards and calling cards
  • cardstock paper
  • an assortment of coins


  1. Print the bingo cards and calling cards.
  2. Cut apart the calling cards.
  3. Make sure you have enough coins of each type for players to use as markers on their boards.

How to play:

  1. Give each player a Bingo card. Shuffle the calling cards and place them face down in a “draw pile.” Place the assorted coins in a bowl (or just a pile) in the center of the playing area.
  2. The first player draws a card, identifies the coin aloud (with help if needed) and places the same type of coin from the pile on a matching square on his or her money Bingo board. For example: If a player draws a penny card, he says, “I got a penny” and then takes a penny from the pile. He can then choose to put the penny on ANY of the spaces related to a penny: the picture, “one cent”, “penny” or “1¢”.
  3. Play continues with players taking turns drawing cards and placing coins until one player get bingo by getting five coins of any type in a row: vertically, horizontally, or diagonally. This player calls out “Money Bingo!” (or something else silly like, “I’m rich!”) and wins the game.

Want to keep learning?

After the game, challenge players to add up all the coins from their board to see who “earned” the most money. If you want to be the coolest mom ever for the day, you could even let them keep the money (It will probably be less than a dollar, but they’ll think it’s amazing!)

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For a fun and simple St Patrick’s Day activity for kids – try this St Patrick’s Day Bingo! Get 10 free printable bingo cards. Kids will love playing this bingo as part of a St Patrick’s day celebration!

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St Patrick’s Day Bingo – Free Printable Cards

For a fun indoor St Patrick’s Day activity – try this simple St Patrick’s Day Bingo game. This is a fun game you can play in a classroom or virtually with friends or family that live far away!

This free printable includes 10 Bingo Cards. And if you have more kids you can double up for teams.

The printable also comes with a full page of calling cards. You can cut these up and place in a jar for selecting or just choose the images at random.

Supplies Needed for St Patrick’s Day Bingo

White Paper or Cardstock

Bingo Markers – see marker options we suggest you use below

Optional – Self Laminating Sheets

If you want to keep your bingo cards to reuse them every year, we recommend laminating them.

If you don’t laminate the cards and print them in black and white, Do-A-Dot Markers are great for this activity.

Bingo Marker Options

Candy Options: M&M’s, jelly beans

Non-Candy Options: green pom poms, buttons, confetti

Pencil or Markers: You can have kids cross out the spots with a marker or a dot marker

How to Set-Up a St Patrick’s Day Bingo Game

First print off the calling card and bingo cards (link to the free printable below).

1. Cut out the calling cards and place them in a bowl or jar for selecting.

2. Cut out the bingo cards. Each player gets a bingo card. If you have more than 10 players you can put kids into small groups to play together.

3. Use a candy or non-candy item as markers. When the image is called out, the player puts a marker on that image.

Bingo Games Free Printable

4. When calling out the images – you can describe the image or show the picture.

5. You can play for a line (5 in a row) or a full card. The first person to get a line says “Bingo!”. You can keep playing afterwards for more lines if you have more prizes to give out. There are 30 calling cards to choose from so a full card may result in having a few people winning at the same time depending on the number of players. We recommend playing mostly for lines because of this. Mix up the cards and start a new game after a few lines have been won.

How Can I Play With More People?

There are 10 unique cards included. If you have more than 10 players you can break them up into small groups and play in groups of 2-3 players. You can also hand out similar cards and have more than one winner at a time.

How to Print the Bingo Cards

Make sure you review the Print Preview before printing. Every printer is different so make sure you select “Print to Fit to Size” or look at the printer Scale Features (you can print at 90% scale) in your printer settings so that it does not print cut off if you are having issues.

Free Printable St Patrick’s Day Bingo Cards

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