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Players Guide to Bingo Event Tickets

Bingo Event tickets or “Ball Games” are pull tabs with a twist! Bingo Event Tickets contain 2 ways to win – instant winners and “Hold” tickets used to play along with Bingo, or the event or ball game. They are easy to play and fun to win!

There are three basic types of Bingo Event Tickets or Ball Games:

  1. Single Ball – often called last ball called tickets
  2. Dab or Coverall Ball games
  3. Derby or Race Games. Each of these games contains instant winners for the playback action and “HOLD” tickets for the “Event” Prize or Ball Game.

Instant Winners

Instant Winners– simply open the ticket and win instantly if the symbols inside the ticket match the winning combinations on the front. Instant winners contain the Cash Payout® feature showing the amount won.

Bingo Event or Ball Game Winners

Bingo Event or Ball Game Winners – each Bingo Event Game has a set of “HOLD” tickets, traditionally with the word “hold” on the ticket or one or more bingo numbers (B1-O75). Each of the “hold” tickets is eligible for an additional prize and is usually played along with a regular bingo game. While you are playing bingo, simply watch, dab or mark your event ticket as the numbers are called and you may be a Winner. When all the tickets in the deal have been sold, the caller will announce which game will be the Bingo Event game.

The different styles of Bingo Event Games use different types of “HOLD” symbols, and the three basic event games are played as follows:

  1. Single Ball or Last Ball Hold Tickets — have 75 hold tickets in a deal, numbered B1—O75 with one bingo number per ticket. These hold tickets can be played along with any bingo game and the caller will simply designate which lucky ball ticket is the winner by determining in advance of playing whether the winner will be determined by the last ball called, first ball or hard luck ball. After the ball has been call, the player holding the winning ticket yells “Balls“! A floor worker will then verify the winning ticket and pay the winner.
    For example, if the winning ball ticket is the last ball called on a valid bingo, the operator will verify the bingo winner and then announce the last verified ball called and the player holding that ticket wins.
  2. Dab Tickets — have more than one bingo number on it (usually three to five balls, can include a “FREE” ball). To win a dab game, play your ticket along with the designated bingo game and the first player to “coverall’ the numbers on the bingo event ticket Wins the prize. Once you “dab” and coverall your numbers on the hold ticket, yell “Balls”.
  3. Derby or Race Games — “HOLD” tickets show a horse with a number. These numbers correspond to the downline on the flashboard. The big prize is awarded to the player holding the ticket with the Horse #1 thru #15 that matches the first vertical downline completed in the designated bingo game. (See flashboard image below. Horse #1 is the winner in that race). Derby or Race games may also contain Single Ball Hold tickets for the second level prize, or a “downline” option where EACH number in the winning downline wins a prize.

With Options #2 and #3 above, there is a possibility that the bingo game will end before the Event game is finished. If this happens, simply continue to call balls until a winner is determined in the normal manner, or the bingo chairman has the option of opening a window on the caller’s card (or flare) and awarding the prize to the ticket number or the combination of bingo balls indicated.

That’s all there is to it! HAVE FUN!

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Bingo Flyer Tickets

Get this eye-catching and multicolor flyer for your upcoming bingo event. This template is easy to edit and fully customizable. High-quality layout and graphic files are used. Printable and free to download.

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Get this eye-catching and multicolor flyer for your upcoming bingo event. This template is easy to edit and fully customizable. Arabian nights jackpot. High-quality layout and graphic files are used. Printable and free to download.

Bingo Flyer Tickets Promo

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