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Big Heart Bingo is a UK online casino with 79 sister sites including Santa’s Bingo, Rockin Bingo, Reem Bingo, Quackpot Bingo, and Ready Set Bingo. Big Heart Bingo is operated by ElectraWorks under a UK license for remote gambling with reference number 39011. Golden Hearts Bingo is a promotional bingo game with real cash prizes where playing supports charity, and where players keep all their winnings. Players may support any charity they like (as long as it's an IRS-recognized U.S. Public charity and is in good standing in its home state).

Sue van der Linde was recently appointed the partners manager for Big Heart Bingo. The site is unusual as it donates 50% of its net profits to charities. You would think it was an easy job, but as Sue wanted to share, it can be tough getting the money to the charities. She took some time out to write about her experiences for Playing Bingo’s readers.

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To Give Or Not To Give?


Big Heart Bingo is a UK based charity bingo web site. ‘Charity bingo?’ I hear you ask, ‘What on earth is that?’ Well the concept is really very simplistic. Instead of just signing up commercial affiliates on the web, Big Heart Bingo decided to give something back by giving what would have been paid out to affiliates to charity partners. What a good idea, well it should be.

Big Heart Bingo

Believe it or not, charities are very difficult to get on board. We have no problem with great players and have a pretty big base already, but not as many charities as we would like to give the profits to. We allow new players to add the charities, but the only problem is that if the charity is not loaded as an affiliate we can’t pay them!

The reality of the situation is that a large proportion of UK charities just don’t want to be involved with what they class as gambling. Bingo – gambling, can you put them in the same bracket? Consider this, the bingo rooms are 10p and 25p, not quite what one would describe as a stomping ground for high rollers.

Big Heart welcomes any charity, big or small, or if you are a fundraiser you can register as an affiliate and enjoy the same revenue share deal, which you in turn can then give back to your charity. All this said, the main point of confusion is that numerous UK charities receive money grants from the National Lottery which is real gambling!

Big Heart Bingo Fundraiser

Bingo players are a diverse bunch and with modern developments, a new audience is being attracted all the time, bolstering the game’s popularity. Typically, players over sixty-five years of age have a tendency to play in land based bingo halls, instead of online. Younger players seem to favour the online game. It’s an ideal game to play at home. Say the kids take a nap, mum can relax with an hour or two of online bingo during the afternoon.

The game remains a popular pastime, as much as eight percent of the population plays bingo in the U.K. Three million people claim to play at least twice a week. Membership to bingo clubs makes bingo more of a social event since many people have friends at these clubs. They have the chance to visit and catch up on the latest news while they are playing bingo.


It’s a real shame charities aren’t waking up to the potential of the game, its massive audience and its continued growth. It would certainly make our job a lot easier when it came to persuading them to take the money!

The Big Heart site is currently going through a revamp, with a fresh new look and feel and the addition of mobile games. Hopefully the UK charities will be joining up and reaping the benefits of ongoing revenue, without use of additional resources. Here’s to hoping anyway!

Big Heart Bingo Game

Author: Sue van der Linde