Best Money Making Games 2020

The best money making apps allow you to make some extra cash for beer money. This post shows you the 17 best smartphone apps that pay you money 2020 and includes both the top Android and iOS apps. The countdown is based on app reliability, the ease of use and the money making potential.

  1. Mar 02, 2021 Survey Junkie has been regarded as one of the best market research companies for years. But they were late to the app game, releasing theirs in May of 2019. With over 10 million members, high ratings from real app users, an excellent score on Trustpilot, and a minimum payout of just $5, Survey Junkie is a must-have money making app.
  2. Mar 01, 2021 If you want to make money by trying even more sponsored games, add Appstation to the mix. The premise is identical to other game apps that pay: install sponsored games, level up, and earn coins. 50,000 coins is worth $5, and you can redeem coins for free gift cards to stores like Amazon, Groupon, Walmart, Google Play credit, and even PayPal cash.

Responsible citizens have been staying at home in recent weeks, and stay-at-home and social distancing orders could be extended for a significant period as we all work to flatten the curve of the coronavirus outbreak.

There are more options than ever in 2020 given the vast array of streaming options, and for gamers, the past few years have delivered a few all-time classics. If you’re tired of Battle Royale games and looking for a lengthy single-player experience, we’re here to help. Here are 28 excellent single-player games to dive into while you’re stuck at home, with picks for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC, along with secondary recommendations if you’ve already played a given game.

Some other lists to check out:

13 best website to make money for playing games online. This is one free online games to win real money with no deposit in India 2020. On slingo, you can earn money by playing games online with your Android phone or iPhone and you will get paid through Payoneer or PayPal. Best Strategy Games 2020: All the top picks for veterans and newcomers alike We may earn a commission if you click a deal and buy an item. This is how we make money.

The 18 best food shows on Netflix right nowThe 41 best movies to stream on Amazon Prime right nowThe 17 best sitcoms to stream on Hulu right nowRed Dead Redemption 2
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
The ultimate outlaw simulator, with one of the best open, living worlds ever created. Visually stunning, with an entertaining story you'll want to play to the end.
If you like Red Dead Redemption 2, try: Grand Theft Auto VThe Witcher 3
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch
The game that set a new standard for open world RPGs. Play as the definitive version of Geralt of Rivia (sorry, Henry Cavill), slay monsters across the continent, or just spend all your time with Gwent.
If you like The Witcher 3, try: Kingdom Come: DeliveranceThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild
Platforms: Switch
Modern, open-world Zelda in a beautifully crafted world. It's extremely accessible even if you aren't a vet of the series, and is one of the very first games you should add to your Switch library.
If you like Breath of the Wild, try: The Legend of Zelda: Link's AwakeningFire Emblem: Three Houses
Platforms: Switch
A brilliant tactical RPG with a highly satisfying battle system.
If you like Fire Emblem: Three Houses, try: Fire Emblem Heroes (phone app)Assassin's Creed: Odyssey
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Switch
A journey through beautiful ancient Greece, and the best installment in the long-running series to date. Pro tip: Play as Kassandra. She's awesome.
If you like Assassin's Creed: Odyssey, try: Assassin's Creed: OriginsThe Yakuza Series
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Yakuza games originally released on PS2 and PS3 and never quite caught on in the U.S, but the entire series has since been revamped for modern consoles and re-released. Incredibly fun beat-em-up action in semi-open-world Japan with a wide array of hilarious side stories and fun minigames to play. Start with Yakuza 0 and thank me later.
If you like Yakuza, try: Fist of the North Star: Lost ParadiseAnimal Crossing: New Horizons
Platforms: Switch
Animal Crossing is so incredibly chill that it certainly won't be for everyone, but it's a perfect relaxation game, and we could all use that right about now.
If you like Animal Crossing, try: Stardew Valley, Doraemon: Story of Seasons, My Time At PortiaHorizon Zero Dawn
Platforms: PS4, PC (soon)
One of the best-looking games on PS4, a stunning open-world game that fans of Tomb Raider, Assassin's Creed and The Witcher should love.
If you like Horizon Zero Dawn, try: Days GoneNioh 2
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One
A brutally challenging, but rewarding romp through fantastical Sengoku-era Japan.
If you like Nioh 2, try: Bloodborne, Sekiro, Dark Souls RemasteredDeath Stranding
Platforms: PS4
Hideo Kojima's groundbreaking latest release was polarizing for reviewers, some of whom labeled it a walking simulator, but I find delivering packages across the post-cataclysm U.S. to be constantly engaging and strangely soothing.
If you like Death Stranding, try: Tricky TowersFinal Fantasy XV
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
If you're looking for a colossal RPG to sink hours into, you could do much worse than FFXV, which trades the series' traditional turn-based combat for more modern active combat, and is just beautiful to look at.
If you like FFXV, try: Final Fantasy VII Remake (soon), Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac AgePersona 5 Royal
Platforms: PS4
If you like JRPGs or school-based anime shows, you're going to love Persona 5, which was recently revamped with the release of Royal. Persona 5 can be found fairly cheaply if you just want the base game.
If you like Persona 5 Royal, try: Persona 4: Dancing All NightMetal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Fans of the series didn't exactly love the story, and I would rank MGS 3, 4 and 2 above V (in that order), but The Phantom Pain still offers some incredible action gameplay.
If you like MGSV, try: Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3 HDGod of War
Platforms: PS4
Arguably the best PS4 exclusive available, the best choice for someone looking for a meaty action game.
If you like God of War, try: God of War 3 RemasteredStar Wars Jedi: Fallen Order
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
Star Wars games are very hit-or-miss, but Fallen Order borrows mechanics from some of the best action games on the market and weaves in a solid Star Wars story.
If you like Star Wars Jedi, try: Shadow of the Tomb RaiderMonster Hunter World
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
A seriously addicting and unique action game where you select your giant weapon of choice and go slay some of the biggest monsters you can imagine.
If you like Monster Hunter World, try: God Eater 3Resident Evil 2
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC
The remake of Resident Evil 3 just dropped, but that's a far shorter and inferior game when compared to RE2, which set a new bar for modern remakes.
If you like Resident Evil 2, try: Resident Evil Remaster, Resident Evil 4The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Best Money Making Games 2020 Play

Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch
Nine years after it launched, the game that redefined what an open world game could be is still a very enjoyable and epic journey.
If you like Skyrim, try: The Witcher 3XCOM 2
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Many games have copied the XCOM style, but no one has done it better yet. Engaging top-down strategy combat where a wrong move could cost you a beloved soldier for the rest of your playthrough.
If you like XCOM, try: Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, Mutant Year Zero, BattleTechSid Meier's Civilization VI
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Pick your favorite civilization and play through history, conquering the globe as you see fit. Hours can melt away playing Civ.
If you like Civ VI, try: Europa Universalis IV, StellarisMarvel's Spider-Man
Platforms: PS4
Web-sling your way through a beautifully recreated New York City and beat up baddies.
If you like Spider-Man, try: Batman: Arkham CollectionForza Horizon 4
Platforms: Xbox One, PC
Exhilarating arcade racing action, and one of the best-looking games of the generation.
If you like Forza Horizon, try: Burnout Paradise RemasteredSuper Mario Odyssey
Platforms: Switch
It's a 3D Mario game, which means it's incredible by default.
If you like Super Mario Odyssey, try: Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible LairDisco Elysium
Platforms: PC
An engrossing, story-driven RPG where every choice you make matters.
If you like Disco Elysium, try: Divinity Original Sin 2The Outer Worlds
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch (soon)
Think Fallout 3 or 4, but in outer space. Not overly long, so you can probably play through the entire story in a couple weeks.
If you like The Outer Worlds, try: Fallout 4Planet Zoo
Platforms: PC
The best zoo simulator yet. Good for fans of sim games and animal lovers alike.
If you like Planet Coaster, try: Planet CoasterPokemon Sword and Shield
Platforms: Switch
The first classic Pokemon adventure on Switch didn't disappoint, unless you're dead set on having a complete dex.
If you like Pokemon Sword and Shield, try: Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, Ni No Kuni, Digimon Story: Cyber SleuthTotal War: Three Kingdoms
Platforms: PC
Epic real time strategy battles set in the Three Kingdoms era in China.
If you like Three Kingdoms, try: Total War: Warhammer II
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Nowadays, money is the most important thing that everyone wants in order to live a luxurious life. But how can we earn money? If I say that you can easily earn money from mobile apps in the app store or you can simple buy these app’s in-app purchases. But did you know that you can you earn cash just by using apps for stuff like watching TV, downloading apps, exercising or as simple as taking photos. We cannot talk about barter system in present scenario when there is a lot of buzz about cryptocurrency. Money is the prime factor that we can use to buy products and services in the modern time. That is why every person is rubbing his shoulder with the competitors to make more money in order to survive in this cut throat competition. Apart from regular income people tends to make extra bucks in their monthly income through several online platforms. The money earning apps in India are one of such platforms where people spend few minutes or hours to earn few bucks. Of course we cannot consider it as primary income of the person earning money from internet but then it can be included in the list of complimentary earning along with regular job. So if you are also amongst the one who wants to make online money with the help of various apps from android phone then have a glare on the list provided below. Top ten prime android money making apps are enumerated here that will help you to put some extra bucks in your wallet every month.

Every person who is eager to make online money through using several platforms is also curious about the form of money that he will receive in return of playing games and taking surveys. Well, not every app is going to serve you in same way and you will get mix sort of rewards in return of playing games, taking surveys and writing blogs along with sharing pictures. Few apps offer both gift cards and cash in wallets while others rely on shopping rebates only. So it depends upon you what sort of money is required by you in order to make a secondary income online. Some of the best ways through which you can make money with the use of your Android phone that you might don’t know. You should try out the apps and start earning.

Here are the best money making apps of 2020:

1. Roz Dhan: Earn PayTm Cash, Read News, Play Games

If you are fond of watching videos, playing games and reading news on daily basis then Roz Dhan is best for you to earn money online. Here you have to share videos on daily basis to earn money for every share. At the same time you can get money for sign up and referrals from Roz Dhan. This is one of the leading money earning apps in India that you can use to earn money easily without making any investment or spending much time as well. Name of the app speaks for itself that it gives lucrative benefits to the users to earn money on daily basis. The app gives you a tremendous experience in earning paytm cash through variety of mediums. For instance you can earn by registering on the app or through inviting your friends on Roz Dhan by whatsapp, Facebook, text message etc. Sharing news articles from the app, playing games, visiting suggested sites or just by opening the app on regular basis can also help you to earn a lot. Once you hit the sum of Rs. 200 in your Roz Dhan Wallet the money can be retrieved in the form of paytm balance. So just install this useful app on your device and start earning on daily, also share the app with your friends and let them avail a chance to earn through Roz Dhan as well.

Download app: Google Play Store

2. Bitbns – Cryptocurrency trading app

Cryptocurrency is in the air nowadays and people are crazy about buying and selling such currencies these days. Bitbns is also one of such platform which allows people to buy and sell their cryptocurrency especially bitcoin. You can buy bitcoin to sell them later when they have high value in market. That is how we can include Bitbns as best earning apps in India that people have to make good chunks of money online. More if you refer your friends about Bitbns then you will get a bonus from their trading charges as well.

Signup for FREE Account Now: Click here

After signup use it on app

Download app: Google Play Store

3. Fiverr

If you are a freelancer then the name Fiverr cannot be new for you as you can earn good chunks of money with the help of Fiverr app. This app gives an opportunity to the freelancers to work in several ways as per their area to generate money from clients. The app is particularly designed for freelances as one of the prime money earning apps in India by experts. So begin your freelancing today with Fiverr and earn a secondary income from your home. You need to draw clients towards yourself for this purpose and money will be paid through the channel of Fiverr only.

Signup for FREE Account Now: Click here

After signup use it on appQuick hitch adapter.

Download app: Google Play Store

4. Groww

Do not get panic if you are newbie to the world of trading as Groww can help you in this situation very well to make money without having trading knowledge. You just need to help the brokers to bring customers for them and in return you will get good commission on the profit earned from the investors suggested by you. Also you will get commission whenever your suggested person starts with an Groww account.

Download app: Google Play Store

5. Meesho app

If you are looking for money earning apps for android in India then Meesho can be a good alternative for you. Here you can easily make good margin be selling online products on social media. Your margin amount for every product is directly transferred to your account by Meesho. The products that you need to sell relates to the world of fashion clothing and other daily use products as well. Apart from margin on the product you will also get bonus points from Meesho which will be added to your earnings as well.

Download app: Google Play Store

6. Olymp Trade

If you are in hope to earn money through trading then Olymp trade is suitable for your purpose where you can easily start trading to earn online. The app is going to help you to start trading by giving best visual tutorials of trading, tricks for trading and appropriate intimation about market fluctuation. More you will be able to get personal advice through analysts will be trained for trading free of cost. The best thing about Olymp trade which makes it best money making apps in India is that you can begin from as low as one dollar in the form of investment.

Download app: Google Play Store

7. Loco App – Earn through playing games

Loco app is a paradise for Quiz lovers as it is going to help you earn money through playing quizzes twice and one in day as per the weekdays and weekends respectively. Those having an eye on apps to earn money in India can try their hand in Loco App for making online money. The winning prize is directly transferred in the form of paytm cash to the winners. Loco App helps you to raise your knowledge as well as your earnings as both the things go hand in hand.

Download app: Google Play Store

8. Swagbucks – Generate good complimentary income

Just like the way survey junkie assists you in making money online through taking a survey similar is the case with Swagbucks. Here you will find Swagbucks as one of the best money making apps India have in present time owing to the time it takes to make money. You do not have to put extra efforts or time in order to earn online through the listed app. Just complete a survey online whenever you find it comfortable and you will be rewarded with a sum of money through PayPal or other E wallets as well.

Download app: Google Play Store

9. Magic Pin

Magic Pin is a best option for earning online coupons for shopaholics. Every time you shop from a store you can get a Selfie of yours in that store along with your shopping receipt to give evidence of your shopping to Magic Pin. You will be rewarded with Magic Pin points that can be converted into shopping vouchers accepted by majority of merchandisers. This includes one of the best money earning apps India have for the shopping lovers.

Download app: Google Play Store

10. Dubsmash – Create videos and earn money


Those having hobby of creating small videos on various themes can earn online money through Dubsmash. It is one of the greatest real money earning apps in India for the people having craze for video making. The app is purely based on the idea of other video making and sharing apps like TikTOK. In fact you don’t have to be unique in your voice as well, as you can do lipsing for your video.

Earn Money Playing Games

Download app: Google Play Store

11. True Balance

There are people who are still shaky to use digital services and it includes doing their mobile and TV recharges as well. You can simply begin your business by enrolling yourself on true balance and earn money by doing recharges. Even you can ask for advance from true balance for doing recharges with down payment or token money in beginning. The only condition that true balance has is you must be adult to start earning through this app.

Download app: Google Play Store

12. YesMobo –

No. 1 Work From Home App In India. Simply share Ads with your Friends & Relatives on WhatsApp and make money online. Now you can make money by just sharing YesMobo advertisers ads with your friends and relatives. So exactly how this app works. When you share an ad with any one on whatsapp and if that person clicks on the link given in the ad copy you will earn Rs 1. So let say you shared on ad with 100 friends and out of them 80 friends clicked on the link given in the ad copy, in this case you will earn Rs 80. You can share new ads daily with your friends and relatives on whatsapp and make handsome money. This app issues payment on 10th of Each month. Very user friendly interface and any one can join and earn.

Download app: Google Play Store

14. SquadRun –

Best Money Making Games 2020

As the name suggest SquadRun means military groups of cavalry, tanks, or equivalent subdivided into troops or tank companies in order to full fill a task. It is an interesting Android app which is available for use by anyone from India. In this, you have to simply select a task from different tasks and then you have to complete it in order to earn SquadCoins. These SquadCoins can be used in place of redeemed for payUmoney points or even you can send this to your Paytm Wallet. Even the option of transferring the money to your bank account from the Paytm wallet is also there. In these app, tasks are known as mission & you can complete all these tasks in your free time.In order to verify this account, you need to create it using Facebook and don’t forget to verify your mobile number in order to get better paid in comparison with others. Just when you will join this app you will earn 600 Squadrons.

Download app: Google Play Store

15. Google’s Opinion Rewards –

You might don’t know this fact that From the company which owns the Android operating system, comes a wonderful app called Google Opinion Rewards that is available only for Android. In this app, you have to simply answer quick surveys and you can instantly earn Google Play credit along with Google Opinion Rewards, but no cash this is an app created by the Google Surveys team like downloading Android Apps, Movies, Music, Books, etc. from the Play store.The movement you install and sign up, Google will give you around 20-30 surveys every week in order to complete in which you need to give your opinions along with proper reviews about the products, which in turn will be given to the different companies for insights. The amount varies from few 0.1 cents to 2 dollars. But the main thing that you nee to note is this that the service is from Google whom you can easily trust and try with even can try with eyes closed.

Download app: Google Play Store

16. Use the app Pact –

You must be thinking that how you could get healthy as well as get even paid for being healthy?. Well, such kind of app is known as Pact which is available for both iOS and Android. Under this app, you have to set your goals according to your capacity and have to achieve them, and once you are done with your goals you can easily earn money with your Android Phone.

The app works if you set your goals based on your capacity and you achieve them, you are well on your way making some money with your Android Phone. But in case if you are not able to complete those goals which are set by you then, in that case, you will need to pay out to other users who are achieving their goals.

Download app: Google Play Store

17. IQ Option –

Have you heard about Cryptocurrency which has been much in news recently? It is a kind of digital currency which has no physical entity and exist in the form of codes. Its popularity is increasing day by day due to its rising value. Bitcoin is the best example of this currency, the value of one Bitcoin has been risen from 6 rupees to 4 lakes in just seven years, more and more people crave to buy it owing to its rising value. IQ option is the best app which acts as middlemen to buy Bitcoin. You can buy a Bitcoin starting from 1$ with the help of this app.

Download app: Google Play Store

So if you are also looking forwards to earn few bucks for your pocket then do install the aforesaid apps on your android device today only. You can easily make handsome amount of money for free of cost on such platforms.

If you really want to earn money from mobile, then start using above apps from now. You can earn more by referral program, each app has option to invite your friends. If they join the network, then can earn more.

The above android apps for earning money are useful for all age groups especially for younger age. You can earn up to $100 per day, if you are internet savvy and spend lots of your time on the net surfing and playing games online. It would be obsession, when you start using these money earning apps on a regular basis to earn extra income. Moreover, if you like these apps these apps or have any query then feel free to post your comments on the below section.

Also try different ideas to earn online from home.

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